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great holiday food drive give help hople!
11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive

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In an average month, an estimated 260,000 people are receiving food from a food pantry in the Network.

  • The rate of food insecurity (being without access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food) in Oregon is 14.6%.
  • About 552,900 Oregonians are food insecure, of those 194,070 are children.
  • About 72% of the people who receive food have incomes below the federal poverty level.
  • Of households utilizing food pantries, about 80% of them are able to meet their food needs for the month with the help of a pantry.

Make Donations Online!

While the 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive event has not yet started, you can still make donations to the Oregon Food Bank through their online, secure donation portal all year long, where donations go directly to the Oregon Food Bank.


It's not too late to Sign-up to be a Last Minute Donation Drop Site. While it's too late to get official donation barrels delivered in time for the 11th Annual event, it's not too late to put our your own boxes and print your own signs to collect donations! It only requires about 3-4 sq ft of space for a few small donation collection boxes. Pending when you sign-up, we may also be able to coordinate a delivery of your donations to the food bank, so there's no work on your end other than donating some space. There's many benefits to getting involved:

  • Be Proactive and Involved in your Local Community
  • Raise Awareness for Hunger in Oregon
  • Receive a Listing and Link to your business website from the Great Holiday Food Drive's website
  • Get to Know Local Consumers you might not otherwise reach

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Special Thanks to 2018's Great Holiday Food Drive Co-Sponsors


DONATE Online!

You can donate online all year long to benefit the Oregon Food Bank! Every $10 donation raises 30 meals! Help fight hunger here in Oregon! Donate online by clicking here!

Create Your Own Team's Food Drive!

Anyone can create a food drive donation page to raise money and awareness for the Oregon Food Bank! Create your own team to and track your teams online success! Create your team food drive campaing now!

Need Food Assistance?

Anyone can find themselves needing food assistance. If you need assistance, get local food bank help now! Find your local food bank now.

Over 70,000 lbs Raised Since 2001!

Thanks to all who have participated for the last 10 events. Without you this would not have been possible! Learn more about the Past Great Holiday Food Drive Events.