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great holiday food drive give hrlp hople!

2007 Portland-Salem Metro-Wide
7th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive
November 23rd - December 14th, 2007!
Equivalent of 11,739 lbs Raised!


Marion Polk Food Share
The 7th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive is officially over. Barrels from around the Portland-Salem Metro area have been collected and donations delivered to the Oregon Food Bank Network and tabulated! Thanks to everyone who made this year a success as we saw more than a 10% increase in donations this year!

The 2007 Great Holiday Food Drive covered the Portland-Salem Metro areas and saw barrels overflowing with donations at many locations. Thanks go out to all participants who helped us fight empty warehouses throughout Oregon and raise food and awareness for Oregon Food Bank and the Marion Polk Food Share.

Thanks go out to all the Co-Sponsors of this event including the following:

Oregon Community CU Bales Thriftway

Plan Ahead & Co-Sponsor the Great Holiday Food Drive

Coming Fall 2018, 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive

It's never too early to start planning for next year, especially the need to fight hunger! We look forward to your support next year for our 2018 Portland-Salem Metro-Wide 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive taking place from December 3 through December 21, 2018. Keep an eye out here for the latest news on our 2018, 11th Annual event.

Signup to be a Donation Drop Site Location. Allow your business to be an official Donation Drop Site for the 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive. It only requires about 3-4 sq ft of space for a donation collection barrel. We'll take care of the barrel drop-off and pick-up so there's no work on your end other than donating some space. We'll do all the work for you! There's many benefits to getting involved:

  • Be Proactive and Involved in your Local Community
  • Raise Awareness for Hunger in Oregon
  • Receive a Listing and Link to your business website from the Great Holiday Food Drive
  • Get to Know Local Consumers you might not otherwise reach

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