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great holiday food drive give hrlp hople!

We are always looking for businesses and individuals that want to help sponsor or volunteer for the Annual Great Holiday Food Drive. The need for sponsorships, volunteers and donations of supplies are always needed and appreciated.

From people to volunteer their time at a drop site accepting donations; to radio, television and newspaper sponsorships to get the word out; the needs are varied and many.

If you have an interest in learning how you can assist with making the Annual Great Holiday Food Drive a success, please fill out the form below.

Sponsor Sign-up Form
Please fill out the below form as complete as possible. A representative will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you and we look forward to working with you to help raise awareness for hunger in Oregon!

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Participation Level

Choose how you would like to participate. From drop site locations to volunteering to pickup and delivery the food, we have plenty of options to assist.

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Pre-Scheduled Drop Site Location
Requires that you have a Collection Box or Barrel at your location(s) for food donations. Approximately 3-4 sq. ft. We deliver and collect the donations, so there's no work on your part other than providing space for the collection materials. Your company will receive a link on our Locations page of the website.

Last Minute Drop Site Location
Those that want to participate Last Minute to collect food for the drive can provide their own Collection Box, and post these Donate Here signs (PDF opens in a new window). Check this box to have your location added to our list of Locations. This option is normally too late to have the donations picked up by the OFB trucks after the drive and will normally require the donations to be dropped off at the nearest OFB location. If you have over a full barrel's worth of food please let us know and we might be able to schedule a truck pickup.

Assist in pick-up and delivery of box and donations between drop sites and the food bank warehouses.
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Plan Ahead & Co-Sponsor the Great Holiday Food Drive

Coming Fall 2018, 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive

It's never too early to start planning for next year, especially the need to fight hunger! We look forward to your support next year for our 2018 Portland-Salem Metro-Wide 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive taking place from December 3 through December 21, 2018. Keep an eye out here for the latest news on our 2018, 11th Annual event.

Signup to be a Donation Drop Site Location. Allow your business to be an official Donation Drop Site for the 11th Annual Great Holiday Food Drive. It only requires about 3-4 sq ft of space for a donation collection barrel. We'll take care of the barrel drop-off and pick-up so there's no work on your end other than donating some space. We'll do all the work for you! There's many benefits to getting involved:

  • Be Proactive and Involved in your Local Community
  • Raise Awareness for Hunger in Oregon
  • Receive a Listing and Link to your business website from the Great Holiday Food Drive
  • Get to Know Local Consumers you might not otherwise reach

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